stats makes: Error: forbidden by Options directive

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tom, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. tom

    tom Member

    After login in the stats folder no stats are shown but this error in error.log
    [Wed Jul 08 12:44:37 2009] [error] [client1.2.3.4] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: 
    Any Ideas why? It's a fresch ISPConfig installation and the webalizer files are produced in the stats folder. All stats folders are owned by root. This was differend in ISPConfig 2.
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  2. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    It's a fresh install, so it could be that there are no stats files in that dir yet, thus the servers wants to show the dir contents in a list (dirlisting) which is not allowed .. so i'd say you're stats dir is empty and you've to wait until the cronjob creates the first stats for you :)
  3. tom

    tom Member

    weblizer files are already in the stats folder. It's a some days old fresh installation :)
  4. dzudzu

    dzudzu New Member

    if i get you right u have files like these in /stats folder in root of site? What files u got there and with what permissions?

    [[email protected] stats]# ls -l
    total 212
    1 root root 3167 Jul 1 00:30 ctry_usage_200906.png
    1 root root 3739 Jul 8 00:30 ctry_usage_200907.png
    1 root root 3026 Jul 1 00:30 daily_usage_200906.png
    1 root root 2870 Jul 8 00:30 daily_usage_200907.png
    1 root root 1896 Jul 1 00:30 hourly_usage_200906.png
    1 root root 1937 Jul 8 00:30 hourly_usage_200907.png
    1 root root 4279 Jul 8 00:30 index.html
    1 root root 88922 Jul 1 00:30 usage_200906.html
    1 root root 78994 Jul 8 00:30 usage_200907.html
    1 root root 2335 Jul 8 00:30 usage.png

    and what comes up in browser when u go ?
  5. tom

    tom Member

    The permissions are as yours
    Error 403
  6. dzudzu

    dzudzu New Member

    u might try to make another folder with index file in it and see does it load it up? I would check .htaccess files and .vhost files becouse something is maybe geting override. U might want to try also to change site info in ispconfig so it remakes the .vhost file or try adding the

    <Directory "/path/to/dir">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

    or try with this command

    DirectoryIndex index.html

    to force loading of that file before listing directory.

    Hope it helps

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