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  1. w3bservice

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    i am using since 2 year ISPConfig,
    It`s very cool software. Before i using Confixx and was not lucky.

    The Mailuser of my servers ask for daily statusmail at spamfolder.
    I have configured ispconfig at this threat

    i have search the net for a script .
    the script is for a global configuration in ispconfig.

    I'm from germany and my english is not so good (Lothar Matthäus) in Amerika (NewYork)

    Thx for your help. Jörg
  2. falko

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  3. w3bservice

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    this is not what i search.
    i look for it like or

    e simple statusmail of mails im a folder

    Anbei finden Sie die aktuelle Übersicht über die Ordner für welche der
    Status Report aktiviert ist:

    Sie haben 6 ungelesene Nachrichten in Ihrem Unbekannt Ordner.
    Diese Nachrichten werden 10 Tage nach Erhalt gelöscht.

    Absender: Betreff:
    "EuMedien" <[email protected] .. Einladung - Jetzt kostenlos in ein Hotel

    Sherwin <[email protected]> Be real long and hard

    "EuMedien" <[email protected] .. Ina, anbei dein 25 Euro Gutschein

    Sie haben 9 ungelesene Nachrichten in Ihrem Unerwünscht Ordner.
    Diese Nachrichten werden 3 Tage nach Erhalt gelöscht.


    this is this.

    have a look at this
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  4. falko

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    Have you tried the tutorial?

    I think it should work with ISPConfig as well, only the homedirs of the users differ:

    For ISPConfig, it's something like /var/www/web1/user/username.

    Maybe I'll try to write a tutorial about it for ISPConfig. :)
  5. w3bservice

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    for german
    Ich sehe den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht.
    Was meinst du mit einfach .procmailrc

    I searched for the prog spamcheck ,i will not found this

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  6. falko

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    I've cited this from the page that you linked.
  7. MTvermoes

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    For Prefect Setup(CentOS) + move Spam to Junk :

    Install Perl Module Unix::passwdFile

    Download the attached file, and unpack it to /root/bin

    Edit /root/bin/start_spam_info to match your DB Setup.

    Edit /root/bin/check to match your mailuser login page

    add the following to root's crontab :
    0 6 * * * /root/bin/start_spam_info
    And all users who have spamfilter turned on will have a Spam status e-mail sent every morning at 6:00.:p


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  8. w3bservice

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    move Spam to Junk

    what you mean with
    For Prefect Setup(CentOS) + move Spam to Junk :
  9. MTvermoes

    MTvermoes New Member

    move Spam to Junk: Mod found on this site

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