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  1. alex_popa_81

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    Is there a step-by-step tutorial anywhere to migrate ISPconfig3 with all the users, emails, db, ns from an all-in-one install to a multiserver environment?
    If so, where is the link?
    The problem is that I made a webserver with ns1 and i will install a ns2 separately and mail + db on the 3rd server.
    I only found tutorials to migrate from one server to another, but, no one seems to had my problem or was unwilling to share it....
    Please, I'm really in trouble here. The server where is now the ispconfig has 99% full hdd's and cpus are doing slalom from 100% to 88% at noon. And no, it's not some DDoS, I had problems in the past, but proxy's are doing their job. It's just some 2x Intel CPU Xeon Dual Core at 1.8GHz with 4 GB DDR2 667MHz and almost 400 users with 1100 email accounts....
    Oh, forgot to mention, HDD's are 4x250 GB SATA2 2.5" 7200RPM :)) So, yeah, it's time for an upgrade, and fast.
    I love ISPconfig and my clients also, although a big part of them came from other hosts that used the "amazing" CPanel.... which from my point of view has nothing special compared to ISPConfig 3.
    Sorry for the off-topic. Please help and thanks in advance.
  2. Jesse Norell

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  3. alex_popa_81

    alex_popa_81 New Member

    Indeed it is, but let me explain further: the server that has the ISPConfig 3 setup right now will become ns2, so in order that migration tool works is that I need to have the full install of multiserver environment, which I cannot have without the server that is being used right now. So, I need to make it manualy, and at the end, when all is done.... format the current server and make it a ns2 for multiserver environment. And another thing: now the server is ns2, and the new webserver will be ns1+web..... so again, manualy is better. PS: forgot to mention, I'm using Debian Wheezy. :D
  4. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell Well-Known Member Staff Member Howtoforge Staff

    Yep, do exactly that - setup your new multiserver install with just 2 servers (don't worry about ns2 for now), migrate everything, then reformat ns2 and add it to your multiserver setup. You'll run with just one nameserver for a bit, but that's no big deal.

    To your original question, no, I don't know of the info all in one place .. it might well exist though. But if time is indeed critical, the money spent on that migration tool will likely save you time (possibly a fair bit of time, depending on your experience level doing things like manual migrations).
  5. alex_popa_81

    alex_popa_81 New Member

    In this case, if it's flawless, I think I'll purchase it.
    Well, my exp lvl in Linux is about 6/10. At least that's my own consideration about myself and from my opinion, those guys who think they are 9/10 in Linux are so far from the truth from my point of view....
    And to answer in detail what I tried: created a dump of mysql dbispconfig with all the user accounts and stuff, make a resync to the other server, copy the vmail folder to the mail server retaining the user permissions, transfer the web folder with user permissions.... but, after, I got stuck because the paths of the files are from a single server and the new ones are trying to follow the original paths that are, of course, unavailable in multiserver... so to change them manualy, it's really to much work for a small amount of time.
  6. alex_popa_81

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    Another thing... it does say the migration tool is great for transfering everything from one source to one target or to migrate two servers into one. But it does not say if it's good from transfering from a single server to a multiserver environment. And honestly, I don't see nothing about this in the description, so, maybe, one of the developpers should answer this question, if it's possible to migrate one server to a multiserver setup. So, the money transfer is pending until the answer comes :)) .
  7. Jesse Norell

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    Fair enough :)

    I'm not a developer, and haven't even used that tool yet, but I'm pretty confident it does that. It works through the ispconfig remote api, so effectively tells ispconfig "add this client .. add this website to that client .. add this database to the client .. add this mail domain .. add these 5 email accounts ... " and you would end up with jobs queued for the webserver and other jobs queued for the mail server, so each server does it's piece of the setup.

    It also creates a script you run manually to copy the actual data over .. this script would of course have to handle copying data to the separate servers (or maybe it's multiple scripts, and you tell it the target server to copy to?); I'll defer to developers/others as far as how exactly that part works.

    FWIW, when the migration tool supports migrating form DTC servers (which may be in the works at some point), I'll purchase and use it, I just don't have any supported source servers to copy from yet.
  8. till

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    Yes, you can migrate a single server to a multiserver as target.

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