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    in ispconfig 3 control panel, go to Sites -> Subdomain for website -> Add new subdomain, then add a subdomain. should there be a folder under the Website basedir, e.g /var/www/ (for the domain,, there is a folder under Website basedir, e.g. /var/www/
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    Just create a new website for the subdomain by clicking on new website, entering in the domain field and click on save. By the way, thats described in the manual too.
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    thanks till,

    after create a new website for the subdomain, does it need to create DNS records for this subdomain in control panel and in the registrar?

    in the ispconfig 3 manual, when add a new website, for the Domain field, it says "Domain: This is the main domain of your web site, e.g. (without subdomain like www).". does it mean without using sub etc. in front of as subdomain?

    the subdomain i want to create are, and for different stages during the Drupal CMS SDLC. these subdomains don't point to the same Drupal codebase. can the ispconfig 3 control panel helps to achieve this?

    by the way, why not use the "Subdomain for website" page to create subdomain? what is it used for?
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