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    I did an upgrade of ISPConfig to the latest (or latest at the time) version. My top level domains work, but one website was a subdomain of the one I used with ISPConfig. When ever I got to that subdomain it takes me to /login for ISPConfig. This worked before I did the upgrade and now I can't access any of the web content on that subdomain. Why is this auto redirecting me to the login page when it should be displaying the web pages I have for that domain?
    I don't have redirect on and the settings in Apache look fine. I am also unable to enable SSL on the site and many updates to the subdomain have not correct the issue (changes to get ISPConfig to rebuild the config file). This is very annoying that it is doing this with nothing that indicates why. I normally access the admin page through a subdomain, but not the subdomain that I am trying to have a web page on (so I access it through, but it takes me to the login if I go to when that is a website setup in ISPConfig).
    Any thoughts?
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    Common problem. Try Internet Search Engines with
    Code: wrong domain shown
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    I didn't see any that were specific to the issue. It isn't going to another site that is listed in ISPConfig, it is just forwarding me to the login page for ISPConfig.

    Admin Portal -
    Domain 1 -
    Subdomain -
    Domain 2 -

    When I go to the subdomain ( in this case), it takes me to (or the admin portal if I am already logged in) with the SSL Cert of The Admin Portal URL ( doesn't exist within the ISPConfig. The ones I am seeing is if Domain 2 had a Subdomain, but it takes them to Domain 1. I did make sure all of the domains were set to * or the IP. I also can't add a SSL Cert to the Subdomain.
    Also, as a side note, the DNS is not controlled by ISPConfig. I manage that externally and have them pointed to the IP Address.
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    It has to be either or for all. If one site has * and other site has IP, wrong site is shown.
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    I know that, that is what I was indicating. I made sure they were either all set to * or all set to the IP. All of the sites listed in ISPConfig are set to *.
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    After recreating it and doing some testing (mainly moving site-enabled profiles out of the folder to see how it reactions), it seems that it wants to get all of the other sites instead of the one site-enabled that has the correct servername listed in it. After removing the ispconfig.vhost and the parent domain vhost, it now loads up the content of another domain that is loaded after the one I am trying to make work. I have no idea while it refuses to access the one domain. It is coming down to a configuration issue with Apache or a configuration issue that was put into Apache by ISPConfig.
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    I ran the Apache2ctl -S command and here is the results.

    So when I go to, it instead takes me to on SSL (most likely because of a redirect to SSL on even though it is a named server in the list.
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    And now it seems to be working correctly. I am not sure what fixed it. I deleted the old site and created a new one (which still didn't fix the issue). I disabled the Default and it seemed to work, but I don't believe it did so I enabled it again. I had tried changing all of the entries to IP Address, but no change. I changed them back and eventually found one I missed and then it started working. Before changing the last one, I had removed an alias. I am wounder if the alias caused the issue for some reason since it was just before the site I had the issue with.

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