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Discussion in 'General' started by crmaykish, Nov 24, 2006.

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    I am running a server with ISPConfig. I have two ways of accessing it. I can use my no-ip account ( or I have set up DNS on my domain name so that also points to my server.

    I have read in other posts, that when setting up a site, the hostname is crmaykish and the domain is Now, why does this create a folder called in my root directory? How can I set up either a or a as the way to access the website.

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  3. crmaykish

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    I created new a site. Hostname is crmaykish and domain is I left the DNS stuff unchecked. The ip address of my machine is, but if I choose that, I get the shared IP page. So i chose

    I then SSH in and create a a dir /var/www/

    I made an html file in there, but i cannot access it. from I get a 404.

    I can access it from
  4. till

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    Make sure that is a DNSA-Record pointing to your external IP address and not some type of HTML rdirect. Also you must chsoe the IP for the website, where you forwarded port 80 from your router to.
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    Excellent. It's working now. I appreciate it.

    Thanks! :)

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