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  1. matrixn

    matrixn New Member

    How i can create a sub-domain with a new folder in /srv/www like this:

    I want to create a sub-domain mail.domain.tld in ispconfig3 and i want to have a folder in /srv/www/ or link to a folder where i can put all the stuff.

    Is this "feature" available by default and i`m having another problem with permisions?

    L.E: I have figured out what for redirect option is :)

    sorry.. i`m n00b in ISPConfig3
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  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Just create a nwe website for the subdomain.
  3. jonepain

    jonepain New Member

    The main domain or to a subdomain of the main domain.You can have one blog mapped to the main domain and as many others as you want mapped to as many subdomains as you want. Normally that is done by setting the CNAME at your registrar,e.g. CNAME pointing to would make the blogname subdomain of you can access your mail at or not has nothing to do with the subdomain setup at You need a mail hosting service to do that.

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