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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Larkolag, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Larkolag

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    Hello friends,
    I create a new cPanel server, I want this server to be at the top level of performance and security because I will host an eCommerce site with whmcs for this server.
    Could you give me advice on what to do in this matter I want suggestions for maximum security and maximum performance.
    Thank you from now
  2. For top level performance, make sure you have good hardware resources as well as network.
    With software thing,optimize apache, use php-fpm (increase pool options), optimize mysql. For security use csf, mod_security rules, go through csf suggestions, there are lots of things that needs to tweaked within cPanel server.
  3. Larkolag

    Larkolag New Member

    I am sure that my hardware features are fine.
    Can you write details that do not affect performance in cpanel, eg unnecessary modules.
    I will not use the Mail system and I close it, I close the horde,
  4. Horde is just piece of webmail application there wont be such difference by disabling it.
    Can you confirm if you are not going to use EXim email system on the server?
    If so, you can disable cPanel solar, which used for extensive imap -search. You can enable cPanel fpm for faster processing..

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