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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Lobanak, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Lobanak

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    I have installed suPHP, because I need PHP5 for a specific site and also want to use suPHP for all sites when it's running ok.

    Now I have the problem, that when I enable suPHP for this site, my users cannot use php scripts in their ../~webXX_user/ directory.

    As the users have their own UID and not the same as the admin user (which I used in the vhost config), suPHP do not allow execution of the php scripts.

    Is it possible to enable the different UID in suPHP for the ../user/webXX_user/ folders?

    Also the question how this is handled if suexec+fastcgi ist used? Is it also only possible to run the php scripts when they are owned by the admin user or can php scripts owned by a different UID be executed?



  2. Lobanak

    Lobanak New Member

    ok, found the problem in the howto I used

    there is the problem:
    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    If I use --with-setid-mode=owner, this works, but is not that secure.
  3. till

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    Thats not possible beacuse the user directories do not have their own apache vhost.

    It is the same then with suphp. The uid and gid is set in the vhost and every website is hust one vhost. If you need different vhosts with differend userID's, then you should create a new website for every user with a subdomain like A client can have a unlimited number of websites.

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