Support for SVCB and HTTPS DNS types (for HTTP/3)

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    Hi there...
    Bind9 and PowerDNS are supporting SVCB and HTTPS types in the last years.
    • Bind9 -> from 9.16.21 (minimum: Ubuntu Jammy)
    • PowerDNS -> from 4.4.x (minimum: Ubuntu Jammy)
    Nginx is supporting HTTP/3 in the last mainline versions (will be default in stable in weeks or months).
    I am running a ISPC 3.2.6 right now with HTTP/3 options (nginx 1.25.x) with customized conf-custom nginx rules and everything is ok.
    But I cannot manage HTTPS entries in DNS to announce availability for the sites, and saw last versions of ISPC do not allow these SVCB or HTTPS types by the way.

    www.domain.tld.        6103    IN      HTTPS   1 . alpn=h3,h2 ipv4hint=x.x.x.x
    This is an example from a domain which DNS is stored in Cloudflare, and it just announce HTTPS capabilities for the domain.

    It would be a great idea to allow configuring these types for DNS services... (just an example)

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