Suse 10 RAID 1 How To

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mphayesuk, Feb 9, 2006.

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    Ok what I have is a asus motherboard with 2 sata devices and I want to install Suse 10 64bit.

    Option 1 - I use the onboard raid configuration that will mirror disk1 to disk2 and when I come to install Suse 10 there are 2 harddrives listed so what I do is install on the first one and let the motherboard handle the raid function. Any comments or problems with that ???????

    Option 2 - I ignore the onboard raid and let suse do it for me, the trouble is how do I configure the hard drives partitioning when I start the installation, do I create a / partition on the first and the second as well as a swap partition on the first and second drives and then use the raid option on screen to raid them together. So in short I duplicate the partitioning on both drives and then use the software raid.

    PLEASE someone give me some guidence on this.

  2. ryoken

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    to avoid cross-posting, please check out my reply in the thread "md raid reconstruction...". i have some things you can try.

    btw, what asus board are you using. specifically, what sata chipset does your asus board use?
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    Hi there!

    Am not too familiar with those Onboard Raid functions, but as far you want to make a Raid 1 that is mirroring, you need to use motherboard Raid funtion in order to set the array and then get from Asus driver to load it in installation. Then mirroring function will be there.

    Also a good idea will be main usage of Raid configuration and what else support.

    Am most familiar with IBM ServeRaid, but those are add in cards!!

    Just make sure to make some test before enter any important data.

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