Tabs, left menu, and main screen out of sync.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by toolswizard, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. toolswizard

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    I have ISPconfig 3 installed for about 6 months. After login, the tabs on the top still say login, but I see the logout button at the top of the screen. If I do a refresh, i will get the tabs, and sometimes the dashboard. Hit it again, and i loose the tables and get the left menu. If I do this a few times, i get the tabs and the left menu, but see the login screen. All i have to do is select one of the left menu items and i can finally get to my requested area. After changing screens a few times, it is all out of sync again.

    I have tried different browsers and have the same issue. I have also removed cookies and history. It does not make a difference. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
  2. till

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    Check your server log for errors. maybe you use a ddos blocker like mod_evasive on your server and have set the restrictions too low, so that the ajax requests that the interface does get blocked.
  3. toolswizard

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    The only thing i find in my logs is that there are 200 and 302 errors as if they were cached.

    My pc is behind a pfsense firewall with snort. There is nothing in the logs that is blocking content or communication.
  4. toolswizard

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    Also, my server build is your tutorial on Ubuntu 14.04 The Perfect Server.
  5. toolswizard

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    I have found the cause of the issue, which is another problem.
    My setup is 4 servers, 2 web servers, 2 db servers. The db servers are running tungsten replicator. When the 1st server is up, it connects to mysql every 30 seconds. When mysql locks out the user for to many connection errors, the screen in ispconfig will not be fully updated. It appears that ispconfig is not closing the connections. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this.

    The second issue is when I start the second web server, vlogger tries to update the master database, and on insert there is a duplicate primary key error. Should vlogger be configured to use the second database or the master database?

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