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Discussion in 'General' started by nelchael81, Aug 18, 2023.

  1. nelchael81

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    A while ago, following this guide https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial...l-pureftpd-bind-postfix-doveot-and-ispconfig/ I installed ispconfig on ubuntu 20.04 and i haven't installed the mail server part.
    Today, still following the same guide, I added the missing packages to enable the mail server part.
    Unfortunately when I try to send email I get this error:
    Temporary lookup failure

    What information could be useful to help me solve the problem?
  2. Th0m

    Th0m ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Most likely you have not configured ISPConfig with the e-mail software. Run a ISPConfig update, enable the email services, and let it reconfigure services.

    Use this command to do the update:
    ispconfig_update.sh --force

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