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Discussion in 'General' started by nok, Mar 1, 2006.

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    im after allowing to do this for people who are waiting for domain transfers / testing. Would need to be a redirect from my main domain, must be a way to redirect all traffic from my domain which contains a "~" or something???
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  4. falko

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    You can create a wildcard for yourdomain.com in DNS so that every subdomain of yourdomain.com points to your server, and whenever you create a new web site, you add something like <username>.yourdomain.com to the Co-Domains tab. The web site can then be accessed using <username>.yourdomain.com.
  5. Joffar

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    Can you please explain how to create a widlcard for a domain in DNS...
    I want to let users be able to type in whatever.blumonkey.org and end up at the same place unless I have set up work.blumonkey.org, then I want them to see a specific page... is this possible?

    Thank you again
  6. falko

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    I guess you're managing your domain with No-IP (this is at least what dig shows me). So there must be something in No-IP's web interface that allows you to create a wildcard (but I don't know No-IP's web interface so you might have to contact them).

  7. Joffar

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    Thank you... Yes I have No-ip, and I am able to create a wildcard there... If they for example type in http://something.blumonkey.org they endup seeing the shared IP index page, however when they type in http://gallery.blumonkey.org they end up in my gallery...

    Do I have to alter the shared IP index to be the catch all page , or is there another way to do this to ensure that if they type something that is not specified as host they end up seeing the same page. If there is could you please explain? It seems im a bit dense when it comes to this..

    Thanks again.
  8. till

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    You can try to create a co-domain with host "*" and the domain blumonkey.org.
    You have to set mailserver to external in the settings of this special co-domain.

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