Terminal as window-shortcut with connection?

Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by Frankenstein, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    can anybody eventually help me to figure out how to setup a desktop-icon on Ubuntu 18.04 for the Terminal? But the Terminal shouldnt just open - he should directly connect with username to a host with a different ssh port and a ssh-key file and also type in the passphrase.

    I very like the gnome-terminal that is default installed and want to use it on my ubuntu as alternative to xshell and putty on my windows (I know, their is a Putty Agent for Ubuntu, but in Seahorse i a known bug so that i cant import existing key files and so putty cant use it.

    Anyone has a good solution? Thanks in advance.

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  3. Taleman

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    I just tried that. I'm using Debian GNU/Linux 9.6, with MATE desktop. I added to top panel a button, type is application in terminal. To start session to my web server host I put as command
    /usr/bin/gnome-terminal --command="ssh [email protected]"
    Worked in second try. Marvelous.
    Of course I had previously set up SSH keys so I can log in without password.
    I'm not sure this actually helps much. I have just started terminal window and type there ssh [email protected].

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