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    my scenario is a follows:
    I'm moving from a (very old) mailserver to a new one. I set up the new Server with ISPconfig so i can manage my 100+ mail accounts and a lot of aliases and forwarders more easily.
    I'm close to moving over to the new box but i want to verify my spamfilters there work properly first.
    I got the following settings
    spamfilter > policy "normal"
    SPAM tag level 1
    SPAM tag2 level 4.5
    SPAM kill level 0
    SPAM dsn cutoff level 0
    SPAM quarantine cutoff level 0

    the policy is set on my domain and the test-mailaccount doesn't overwrite it with something else.
    it still seems some other defaults get applied and the mail deleted according to my mail.log
    anything i might have missed?

    since this is a company mailserver i want under no circumstances to delete mails, currently i want them tagged and possibly sorted into junk but nothing else ... i got policyd-weight and postfix-policyd-spf-python to not get drowned in spam :-D
  2. till

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    Set a higher debug level in amavisd configuration, then you see in mail.log in details which amavis policy gets applied to which incoming email. But it can be that the mail has been deleted by your custom policyd setup as your amavis config should not have removed it.
  3. fireba11

    fireba11 Member

    okay, i enabled debug log in amavis, so i now can kinda tell what's happening. what keeps me wondering is why it seems to apply the defaults from /etc/amavis/conf.d/ instead of the values in ISPconfig ..?
    $sa_dsn_cutoff_level = 100; <- i've seen the cutoff at 100 in the amavis log as reason for discarding the mail

    note: i got almost the same setup on my private server, there it works as intended
  4. till

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    The domain is listed for this policy under spamfilter > user domain in ispconfig? as that's the table where amavis reads the info from.
  5. fireba11

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    problem found: was in front of the pc ...
    I missread the passages about
    SPAM dsn cutoff level
    SPAM quarantine cutoff level
    so i set up something i didn't mean to ... got it working now.

    Tip for others:
    For testing forward yourself a "spammy" message, that gets eom rating and lower the tag level and tag 2 level so you can test each case while locking at amavis debug log :-D
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