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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by DrMartinus, May 28, 2018.

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    I moved data from a running server in order to be run in future from the new one where I used isp-config for configuration (website and stuff). Now I wonder how can I access the websites for testing? There is no domain attached to it yet, and from what I've seen it's not the plain var/www or similar folder, but for each domain (logically) there is set an individual folder. How would I enter it as a URL?
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    Thanks for that hint. It doesn't work like I wish it would, though. I entered the data as provided in /etc/hosts, and when I now connect to that website it shows me the default page of CentOS Apache server. I don't find that file anywhere within the folders where the webpage should be. Do I need to edit the IP address and let it point to another folder on the server? Or what is wrong? I have multiple domains and webpages set up in ISPconfig, I just tested two with both giving the same result, so I guess they point to an entirely different folder.

    Edit: I just tried copying an index.html file into /var/www, but that didn't change anything. So where does apache look for the index.html or index.php file? In "hosts", I've written:
    xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx   www.domainname.com 
    where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is of course the actual IP-address and the other is the domain as registered in ISPConfig.

    Sorry for this second edit, but I can answer the question myself and know now, that I can't put the website in the spot where Apache gets its default index page. The reason for that is that there is no index.html page found, which wouldn't be the case if the setup in hosts would point to the folder where I put the website (and believe that it's the right place): /var/www/domainname.com/web/
    Am I doing something wrong?
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    The default web page showing is often symptom of wrong setup in ISPConfig. Check first that ALL websites have in IP Address field EITHER * OR the IP number. Do not mix the two.
    If that does not help, the problem has been discussed a lot on this forum, use Internet Search Engines with site: howtoforge.com
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