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  1. NeonTigerUK

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    Hi folks
    I have a problem that is starting to melt my brain
    On my old server (hosted VPS not running ISPConfig) I used to be able to set up a "Domain Reference" which basically meant I could set up a website without changing and DNS settings on the clients old hosting until the new site with us was built and working.

    so ... the question is ... can this be done easily with ISP config? if yes can some one please advise me how, and if not, can someone please advise a way this can be done .... I have nothing as yet installed on my new server, but am starting to build it over the next couple of hours - starting with Virtualisation (KVM) and then I will be installing ISPConfig with ngix after that is done.

    OS: Centos 6

    Thanks in advance
  2. sjau

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    Yes, just make a new site and on your local computer make a hosts entry so that you use that new site for testing.

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