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    I made my first inquiry about ISPConfig here in August 2020. It's now almost 5 months later and it looks like my installation is finally complete. I've been working on my systems by myself, with no staff, relying on generous help from people here - and endless searches and queries in other forums, chat rooms, and documentation. Ongoing challenges now are related to common sysadmin functions : dealing with security, log monitoring, spam and other email concerns, and ensuring that I have policies implemented for full recovery from hacks, ransom, and normal failures and incidents. It's time now to focus on building the data upon the servers, not building the servers themselves. That's where the fun is for me, and I'm looking forward to it.

    For all of the help that I've received here, I thank the developers and others here. As you know I hope to convey my knowledge to others to pay-back and pay-forward for the benefits I derive, and eventually I will publish new notes and code samples for API integration. I'll also do my best to get colleagues and clients interested in the software, to drive some revenue to the team from companies that will use this software much more intensely than I.
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    Thanks for your kind words and all your comments on documentation and functions. I'm seeing a bright future ahead for both the HowToForge community and ISPConfig.

    Happy new year to all!

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