The Perfect Server - Fedora 7...Where did I go wrong?!

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    I installed Fedora7 (64) and did a yum update, I followd the "The Perfect Server - Fedora 7" guide and the "Proftpd And MySQL" guide.

    Everything was working, but when I reboot my server I no longer can login in to graphical-mode...the arrow with the spinning-thing is just spinning and spinning...
    I can however still access the /phpMyAdmin-login page and the /ispconfig from an other computer so something is working...:)

    I can boot into text mode, but I really would like the graphical gui back :)
    Where did I go wrong ? I tried to replace the pam.d/proftpd with the proftpd_orig but still no graphical fedora login..

    The only thing that I did different from the guide is that I added the usrquota and grpquota to my raid, /dev/md0/ and not the System disk.

    I did install the ISP config last..
    -I finished the Perfect Server guide without the ISPconfig install, then I finished the Proftp an Mysql guide, THEN I installed the ISPconfig.

    I have tried a fresh reinstall three times now.. but still the same issue with the grapichal login...

    What am I doing wrong ?!?!
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