The Perfect Server on Ubuntu 20.04 (TESTED)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ustoopia, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. ahrasis

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    The next version will be 3.2 not 3.1.16 as posted in developer's forum board and you should rather be using git-stable for Ubuntu 20.04.

    I am booked with real life works so will not be doing any testing until I am freer. Good luck for all who are testing it.
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  2. KalanVryce

    KalanVryce New Member

    Yeah, I'm anxiously awaiting 3.2 (was 3.1.16) as well I was going to jump from 16.04 directly to 20.04 but instead, I ended up just moving on to 18.04 for the time being. It's at 95% as of the update a few days ago which is awesome! The link is below for if you are neurotic like me and want to check it often...

  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    In fact, the state is already more than 95%, just not all changes have been reviewed and therefore the issues remain open until the changes are merged. There are currently 3 issues left, one is easy to implement, the other two are quite complicated and need a lot of testing, especially adding support for MySQL 8.
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  4. TonyG

    TonyG Active Member

    Since ISPConfig has moved to MariaDB, I hope the release that supports Ubuntu v20 is not coupled with MySQL 8. At this time I believe this is v3.2 with Issue#5418. I suggest the v3.2 milestone might be removed from 5418 - maybe add a 3.2.x milestone.

    With Ubuntu 20 and related dependencies, the default installation is "10.3.22-MariaDB". This version is generally compared to MySQL 5.7, and there are still some incompatibilities. MariaDB 10.4 is being compared with v8. What I'm getting at is that you might be looking to get v8 functionality in line with a MariaDB release that we aren't even using. It's not true apples-to-apples, if that makes any sense.

    Anyway, I'm a complete noob to this software and I still don't have a clue how things work here. Please forgive my interjections.
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  5. Th0m

    Th0m ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig 3.2 will support Ubuntu 20.04. It will also support MySQL 8, which is one of the last issues that's left for 3.2. I think the beta will be released soon.
  6. KalanVryce

    KalanVryce New Member

    Awesome, thanks for all the work you do man!


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