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    As the name implies i'm very new to linux. I'm following the perfect setup and everything went fine until i attempted to install and run proftpd. this is what i get when i try to start proftpd. I looked at the proftpd.conf but don't know what might need to be changed.

    [root@localhost init.d]# proftpd start
    - getaddrinfo '' error: Name or service not known
    - warning: unable to determine IP address of ''
    - error: no valid servers configured
    - Fatal: error processing configuration file '/etc/proftpd.conf'

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    Yes, must exist in DNS!
    If it does not, either create a DNS record for or re-configure your hostname, which is also described in the tutorial.
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    thanks for the help

    thanks to both of you for the help. adding the dns record fixed the problem. gota lot to learn but so far i really like this linux stuff....:)

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