The right way to move a website from one user to another

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    a use case that happens often: a user leaves, and his websites have to be transferred to another user. But I'm still unsure about the right way to achieve this. We are using 3.1.1p1. In my example, the Website is "web425".

    What happens when I try to move a website?
    • I create the new "client".
    • In "Client -> Domains", a take the domain and change its owner.
    • I wait for the cronjobs to finish.
    After all cronjobs are finished, the system does not report any errors. And that's the status within the system:
    • The new user "owns" the domain.
    • The domain's databases are assigned to the new user.
    • The associated database user belongs to the old user.
    • There is a folder /var/www/clients/client_NEW/web425, but it is completely empty (even no web/, ssl/ and so on)
    • There is NO symlink in /var/www/clients/client_NEW/ from -> web425
    • The contents remain in /var/www/clients/client_OLD/web425
    • The symlink /var/www/ still redirects to /var/www/clients/client_OLD/web425
    • /etc/passwd and /etc/group are not updated
    I have to fix that by hand and to restart apache2, then everything is fine. But it's complicated. So my question is: what is the intended way to do this task?

    Thanks in advance,

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