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Discussion in 'General' started by RicochetPeter, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. RicochetPeter

    RicochetPeter Member

    is way too much restricted, I find.

    Excluding words like "domain" makes searching for error messages quite impossible:

    The name www.[somedomain].com is already in use by another site or domain
    is the message I get and reducing the search to the allowed words yields results that are hardly related to the message.

    If anyone is inclined to try to think about the problem itself:

    I once created a site for the domain in question, deleted it (in ISPConfig, not in the db), and now I cannot re-create it...
  2. kea13

    kea13 ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    AFAIK when you delete a domain in ISPConfig it is shoved to the trashcan (versus permanently deleted). This is a nice feature methinks since you can restore it from the trash instead of re-adding it.
    Getting back to your question: either delete the domain permanently from the trashcan or restore it from there.

    Hope this helps,
  3. RicochetPeter

    RicochetPeter Member

    Yep, there's something left in the trashcan, but only the DNS entry. The DNS entry is no longer in the bind config files, though, and it won't go away upon clicking "empty recycle bin". It seems I cannot re-create the domain as long as this entry is still there in the Trashcan...?

    edit: also the web entry in the trash can doesn't go away...
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  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The Trash in the DNS manager is separate from the trash in the ISPManager module, please empty the trash in the ISP-Manager module.
  5. RicochetPeter

    RicochetPeter Member

    OK, the one in the ISP Manager trash can is gone, but the entry in the DNS Manager trash can is still there, and doesn't go away...

    And what is even stranger: When I "restore" the DNS entry, it returns to the list, but when I click it, not DNS properties are shown, but web properties, which I cannot really edit, cos a lot of error messages show up when I'm trying to. I don't see this item in the ISP Manager at all.

    Actually, both the web and the dns entry cannot be removed from the trash. The web entry seems to get deleted but reappears after a few minutes. The dns entry just stays where it is.
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  6. RicochetPeter

    RicochetPeter Member

    OK, after letting this sit for a few hours, the web entry in the web trash is gone, the DNS entry is still there.

    And waaaaaaaaaaaa! All the content in all the webxy/web subfolders is gone!

  7. RicochetPeter

    RicochetPeter Member

    OK, I have backups from last night 21:00.


    1) How could this happen? All the web data and also all the email data (IMAP folders) was deleted and reversed to a state as if the sites were only just been set up.
    2) How do I remove that entry from the dns trash can? Does someone need to take a closer look at the db? This seems to be some kind of >bug<?
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  8. fobicodam

    fobicodam ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    If you delete the website the content will be deleted too !!

    About the DNS, try:

    1) Restore it.
    2) Check with nslookup the server answers this record.
    3) Delete it again.
    4) Clear the Recycle Bin.

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