Traffic statistics seem to have stopped

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by lobius, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. lobius

    lobius Member

    The April 5 file is 10 times smaller than the April 4 file.

    My usage statistics are still showing April 4.

    There doesn't seem to be anything related in my error.log file.

    The access file for April 5 is not seem to have anything out of the ordinary.

    Any ideas on what else I should check to get the statistics moving again?


    ISPconfig3 on Ubuntu 11.10
  2. lobius

    lobius Member

    It also appears that April 3 and fourth have not been properly zipped.
  3. lobius

    lobius Member

    April 5 archived properly and updated the stats this morning but with April 3 and fourth out of the count.

    I manually archived April 3 and fourth.

    Still did not update.

    Rebooted. No effect.

    I think all that remains is to find out the file which calculates the usage statistics.
  4. lobius

    lobius Member

    Just paid you guys for the year. Anybody home?
  5. lobius

    lobius Member

    I guess this is my journal of solving the problem myself.:/

    I deleted the history and current file. And then ran the program.
    root@rule303:/var/www/clients/client5/web11/log# webalizer
    Webalizer V2.01-10 (Linux 3.8.0-29-generic) locale: en_US.UTF-8
    Using logfile /var/log/apache2/access.log.1 (clf)
    Using default GeoIP database
    Creating output in /var/www/webalizer
    Hostname for reports is 'sunpin'
    History file not found...
    Previous run data not found...
    Generating report for March 2014
    Saving current run data... [04/06/2014 06:40:31]
    Generating report for April 2014
    Generating summary report
    Saving history information...
    3050 records in 1.50 seconds, 2033/sec
    Every day except for April 4 is there.

    Any ideas?
  6. lobius

    lobius Member

    I switched to awstats. Didn't work correctly. Switched back. It is set properly, but will not switch back.

    Now all my stats are gone. I still have a log files.

    Little bit of help here would be appreciated.
  7. lobius

    lobius Member

    till? falko? Anybody?

    Not only did the switchback not work, I lost December, January and February traffic.

    It never left. All I did was switch programs within ISPconfig3.

    Now I'm lost and in a really bad spot.
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    If you like to get priority support, then please post in the priority support forum.

    When you switch the statistics software, then the old stats of the other software has to be removed to clean up the directory.
  9. lobius

    lobius Member

    I see. I posted in the wrong place. No wonder it's so quiet in here. :)

    So my stats are gone?

    I put one of my backups on a different server last night to check the differences.

    Looks like the same statistics logs were under /log

    While I had December, January and February, they were not under /log.

    Would they be somewhere else?
  10. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The apache access log files of a website are kept for 30 days. Only the statistics software keeps the results for a longer time as these results dont take much disk space.

    Do you have a backup of the files under /var/www/... that might contain the content of the stats directory of that website?

    regarding the awstats: what exactly did not work? Did you wait 24 hours? awsatts will only be ablw to compile the statistics from the day that you switched, it will not show any past statistics.
  11. lobius

    lobius Member

    I did not wait 24 hours. In retrospect, the stats were gone anyway.

    I simply saw a frame that said "jump to 2014-04" with my WordPress tags meaning no page found.

    My most recent backup it 3/25 which is not horrible.

    Of course, you can't protect me from myself but I had no idea switching stats programs would wipe out the old stats. If it was in the documentation then shame on me.

    I have old log files. Do I need to merge them to get webalizer to see them again?

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