Transfer vServer (1&1) to rServer (netdirekt,ISPconfig) - Part 1 - DNS

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by berli, Mar 11, 2007.

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    Dear readers and members,
    after 1 week i need your helps. The basics was follow:
    - i have one vServer from 1&1, with one register domain "", this was my primary dns server, on vServer i use Plesk
    - i have ordered one new rServer from with centOS and i use the install support from (this was great and fast!)
    - i have 7 domains, all domains was registered by (schlundtech)
    - on this time, i use the second dns service from providerdomain, the primary was on the vServer, all other dns konfiguration makes plesk for me

    my new rServer becomes the domain, also the ispconfig use this domän

    my goal was the follow (i have read the mini-howto godaddy and other posting, but i can not find the -red line-, sorry...)
    1. one primary dns on the rServer under the domän (local)
    2. the secondary, makes providerdomain (extern)
    3. all other domains use the primary (local) and the secondary (extern)

    i think i have one problem, problem with the first domain ( = hehn and egg ?
    ok, one provider domain i can use 4 selection

    1. i have/use primary and secondary DNS server (i can insert FQDN for 1 and 2 DNS)
    2. i have/use one primary, and secondary was providerdomain
    3. . i have/use one secondary DNS Server , and primary was providerdomain
    4. i use providerdomains for primary and secondary dns
    on the selection 2-4 i can insert sub-domains / dns entries (a/aaaa/cname and so one)

    ok, i found no way or no sulution for this problem. all the results of my test was wrong. what must i do first? second and the next, next and next...

    can help their me?
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