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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Boon-Dog-Danny, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Is that realy the reason? I can't belive it! :( That don't sound very professional. What can I do to fix it, or is there on the developer side someone working on it to fix it? Because the Folder isn't no big... :-(

    There is only the default Folders, and in the web Folder is only one Folder (cms) and there inside is one middle sized typo3 page ...

    Please say me, thta this will be soon fixed ...

    Mr Light :-(
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    Have noone an idea?

    Mr Light :(
  3. till

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    You can try to debug the scripts. This error never happened on a system that I administered so I cant tell you the exact reason.

    You should really ask yourself if you want to ask questions this way if you want to get a answer at all. We are not the support from microsoft or cisco that is being paid for baring the affronts of some customers.
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    Hallo Forum,

    I see my mistake, and say sorry for the "wrong voice"!

    I am still at this problem and searching what could it be. Meanwhile I installed the whole system again, look another post,
    because I had also another problems with Gnome -> System -> Administration -> Users and Groups. You can read it in the post. :)

    I'll be back, when I have more infos or solutions..

    Mr Light :)
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    This problem is because the session data is stored in the mysql table 'session' under the field 'datas' in a TEXT field. MySQL TEXT fields have a limit of 65,000 bytes.

    Mysql silently truncates the data stored in this field if it exceeds the 65,000 characters. This means your session magically disappears.

    The reason that one might exceed this is due to the way the FTP works, is it does a recursive ls of all the directories below the ftp root directory and then stores this data in the session.

    If you have a lot of directories under the ftp root directory this will fill the session with data, potentially exceeding 65,000 bytes.

    I changed the datas field on the session table to a MEDIUMTEXT field, and this instantly solved my problem.

    A note to the developers: I would suggest perhaps storing this data somewhere else - not in the session, but I can understand why it is stored in the session.

    Hope this helps someone!

  6. till

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    Thanks for the hint. I was not aware that the TEXT column in mysql is limted at 65000 chars. I added this to the bugtracker.

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