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  1. Heeter

    Heeter Member

    Hey all,

    I am trying out my ability to put together a tutorial.

    I am using bluefish as my html editor. I have noticed that when I write something that the html editor doesn't recognize within <>, it doesn't show up when I open it up in firefox.

    I write something like this:
    <p>Place the following lines just above the "</virtualhost>" line in the configuration file.</p>
    And this is what I see when open the file in firefox to see how it looks:
    Place the following lines just above the "" line in the configuration file.
    Will it show up once it uploads to HowToForge? Or am I missing something?


  2. srijan

    srijan New Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Hi Heeter,

    Many thanks you are taking your time to contribute in the howtoforge forum tutorials. I use bluegriffon for writing such tutorials in Ubuntu 14.04. Link is http://bluegriffon.org/
  3. gintonbo

    gintonbo New Member

    HTML Reserved/Special Characters

    Greater Than ">" and Less Than "<" are considered Reserved or Special characters in HTML.

    &gt; for greater than
    &lt; for less than

    Reference: http://www.utexas.edu/learn/html/spchar.html
  4. Heeter

    Heeter Member

    Awesome, thanks guys, for your responses.

    Changing to bluegriffon

  5. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    I have my linking for Kate to write that stuff :)

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