Two topics: Bulk add accounts. Intranet and Internet on one box?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jsb, Oct 4, 2005.

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    Hello list,

    I've got csv files with names, user IDs, passwords. Also have existing Linux accounts.

    I use a script that pushes out passwd, group, shadow and smbpasswd from one our servers to the the other four. I'd like to sync up this server too!

    One of my goals here is to provide "closed" email and web sites to to our students.

    The idea is the student web sites would only be viewable on the LAN. Approved sites could then be rsynced to an Internet enabled site.

    email would be LAN only but with web interface that would allow access to the local email off campus. but not be able to send or recieve to the world at large. This would also give the students the ability to transfer files to and from home.

    all email would be in one name space ie. [email protected]
    Student web sites would be www.student.ourschool.lan
    Approved web sites would be

    Do you think I'm picking the right tool to build this on, is this feasable with ISPconfig?

    I could set up two servers, one for the Internet and one for the Intranet but I was thinking with two nics and creative use of IP chains this could built on one server.


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    Please have a look at this thread:

    ipchains was used only until kernel 2.2. From then on Linux uses iptables instead of ipchains.

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