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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tilman, Jan 30, 2023.

  1. tilman

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    I am using a Typo3 installation for one of my websites whith apache option DocumentRoot "{DOCROOT_CLIENT}/t3v12/public/".
    Statistics are obtained by GoAccess as configured in the ISPconfig Panel.
    If I try to access the collected data via "http:/mydomain.tld/stats" (wo quotes), Typo3 is capturing the input and indicating a 404 HTTP Error.
    How can I access the generated statistics e.g. by bypassing T3?
    This problem may apply to other CMS setups as well.
  2. michelangelo

    michelangelo Active Member

    You've changed the DocumentRoot that's why the stats folder can't be accessed anymore.
    Perhaps a symlink from {DOCROOT_CLIENT}/t3v12/public/stats to {DOCROOT_CLIENT}/stats may work.
    Also don't forget to adjust the ownership of the symlink!
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  3. tilman

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    Did the trick. Thks. a lot.
    Pls. be aware, that the -h options seems to be needed to change the ownership of the symlink.

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