Ubuntu 16.04 Apache2 multiple websites

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  1. Billy Whited

    Billy Whited New Member

    I've follow everything to the letter
    sudo a2ensite olmacdoanldsfarm.com /var/www/html already enabled
    sudo a2ensite peapatchrvpark.com /var/www/peapatch/ already enabled
    sudo a2ensite redpoppyrentalhall.com /var/www/redpoppy/ already enabled
    sudo dissite default already disabled
    etc/hosts olmacds localhost olmacdonaldsfarm.com peapatchrvpark.com redpoppyrentalhall.com is the address of my server on my private network is the address of my public ip
    it serves olmacdonaldsfarm.com just fine
    not the other two

    ive tried everything I have given up

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