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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by victorzale, Nov 2, 2007.

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    Hi, I want to setup a Spare PC to be a "Mail Server", in that I want it to be able to connect to my ISP's pop3 account, download new messages, hit it with a spam agent.

    THEN, I want to be able to connect to the server from my office PC using Thunderbird to retrieve my newly de-spammed messages. Just one user/mailbox/account. I don't need to send through the server, just receive.

    I have been playing around with Dovecot, fetchmail, etc, and have a basic understanding of what they do, but I just can't seem to connect all the dots, soooo, here goes:

    1. What apps do I need/ on my server that will collect email from my pop3 account?
    I could use an example of a config file that shows how you connect to the pop3 account, and pass it your user ID, PW, etc.
    ( I currently have Dovecot, Fetchmail, Procmail, and Sendmail. . .)

    2. How do I then retrieve the messages from my client pc? What would I point thunderbird at on the local server?

    I am using Ubuntu 7.10 on both server and client machines.

    Please advise! Thanks.
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    You can do this with fetchmail or getmail:

    Point it to any IP address or FQDN that points to your local server.

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