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    Hello. I'm new to the forums. Dealing with the topic at hand, I ran into How to Set Up Local DNS Resolver with Unbound on Ubuntu 22.04 ( one of the tutorials found on this website ) a great tutorial published here on HowtoForge, which deals on how to setup unbound on ubuntu. The tutorial does great job at explaining the process in such a way that a WIN-native can follow it and make sense of it. Solid tutorial.

    I've a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu server 22.04.2 LTS/Pi-Hole/Unbound.
    Everything is working as it should.

    My interest here are on: The "authentic data (ad)" flag shown on Unbound DNS query results and DoT & DoH

    I'm not getting the ad flag. Is this directly connected to setting unbound to use DoT? If so, can this be done using DoH?

    Over at the unbound website, it mentions DoH, DoT and DNSCrypt support. I'm just not verse on how to properly put it all together. I'm not even sure if it makes sense but at the same time the Why Not makes sense as well.

    What I am looking for is LAN-pihole-unbound-(DOH/DOT)-WAN.
    This tells me the DoT/DoH settings, (forward zone) as shown on the linked tutorial should be added to
    This file is made of commends and one line:
    include-toplevel: "/etc/unbound/unbound.conf.d/*.conf"

    As I mentioned, I've pihole installed and the unbound settings are located at

    This type of software relations is what confuses me.
    If I wanted to set my DNS server as: LAN-pihole-unbound-(DOH/DOT)-WAN

    Under what file should be the "forward zone DoT/DoH" values be entered at?

    Thank you for your time and help.


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