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Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by RequiredForSchool, Mar 18, 2024.

  1. RequiredForSchool

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    What is the difference between Ubuntu on the windows app store and simply using a Ubuntu installation in VirtualBox? I'm not understanding why windows would offer an app for Ubuntu when there are so many alternatives.
  2. nhybgtvfr

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    you can enable WSL2 (windows subsystem for linux) and run ubuntu directly from within windows..
    you can also run graphical applications, whose windows you can move around your desktop, same as the windows apps, they're not restricted to being in the virtualbox linux applications desktop gui window.
    this is what the ubuntu app on the microsoft store is for.

    why would microsoft do this? sales.. to keep the main operating system on a computer as windows..
    if what i work on mostly is linux servers, and i need an everyday use computer/laptop to manage them.. i can use windows and putty...
    or dual boot windows and linux, or just switch completely to linux..
    for testing.. without having to have more physical servers.. or pay for cloud vps's.. i can run virtualbox linux servers on a windows box.. or on a linux box.. or run linux directly within windows... the only reason i'd have to pay out for a windows license is if i specifically need to be able to run some piece of windows software.. and even then i may be able to do that on linux using wine..

    so the easier microsoft can make it to run linux instances directly within windows... the less incentive there is for me to ditch windows completely.
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  3. lukafred

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    I've been having issues running this VM i need for my college courses. Since It seems that VS is only available in VS code on ubuntu. So i need windows to run it.

    Everytime i install the OS it crashes, it either fails during, after or even just on bootup. I've set up VM's before but only on a Windows host so maybe its inexperience
  4. Taleman

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    Is you question related to this thread? Maybe you should have started a new thread.
    What is VS?
    If VS is only available on Ubuntu, why do you need Windows to run it?
    What OS is that?
    Are you using Windows subsystem for Linux, VirtualBox on Ubuntu or something else?
    If you need help because something crashes, you should reveal what you are doing, on which OS and how you did the installation of which OS and version.
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