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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by geek.de.nz, Jun 23, 2006.

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    I know, I can load X applications (X apps) as root with 'sudo xappname' and giving the password. But that takes too much time, every time I want to do something as root which involves the X server, I have to type the root password.

    But in other distros I was used to logging in as root in a shell (konsole) and typing 'xappname' and it would be displayed on the X server of the current user. But in Ubuntu I get
    Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
    if I start gvim (my favorite editor) for example.

    I haven't found this issue on the web yet.

    Can anyone tell me, how to change the behoaviour of the X server of Ubuntu somehow, because root should really have every right shouldn't he? This is the only thing that keeps annoying me in Ubuntu.
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    gsudo gvim on ubuntu
    kdesu gvim on kubuntu

    @+ :)
  3. geek.de.nz

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    xauth cookies

    That's what I know. It's not what I wanted to do (as I mentioned).

    Anyway, I figured it out. If you want to execute X apps as root (logged in as root in konsole or similar) while you are logged in with the user called user, you have two ways:

    1. (prefered because more secure)
    Log in as root and do
    cp /home/user/.Xauthority ~/
    Then you can start an X app as root while user is logged in on the same X server.

    2. To allow any user to access the X server while logged in as user, use the xhost command (being user):
    xhost +

    Hope that helps someone who has the same problem.

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