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  1. cornelius

    cornelius New Member

    Has anyone made any experiences with Ubuntu? Is it worth a try?
  2. joe

    joe New Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Definitely worth a try. IMO, the best Desktop distribution out there.
  3. cornelius

    cornelius New Member

    Just downloaded it. Let's see... :)
  4. linutzy

    linutzy New Member

    I have it on another machine

    Anything that is like debian I will pick up.

    As it stands I now use Ubuntu with evolution to do all my e-mail. I will not use Outlook or Outlook Express. Evo seems to have done the trick :D
    My next project is setting up a mail server and seeing how I can work the two together......much thanks to Falko and Till.
  5. anti-net

    anti-net New Member

    I used it for awhile, very nice, currently switch between Fedora Core 4 and...Windows :( but i think i would use ubuntu again, great for people new to Linux or switching from Windows or Mac OS
  6. TheDanMan

    TheDanMan New Member

    I use Ubuntu for all purposes. I currently still have a windows box though. I do play games now and again.

    Pretty much at this point I can name a linux program to do anything you'd want to do.
  7. clayg

    clayg New Member

    Ok, let's try :
    Activesync and Motorola or other phone tools (cell)
  8. webstergd

    webstergd New Member

    if it isn't too late try Kbuntu also. It is teh KDE version.

    If you already installed ubuntu you can turn it into kbuntu by installing the KDE batch from synaptic.

    only trick to remember with ubuntu is to always use the sudo command. You can read the wiki on their website for propper usage.
  9. phoenixshard

    phoenixshard New Member

    Ubuntu is what I'm currently using. I started out with SuSE and tried Fedora Core, but went back to SuSE after that. Ubuntu was one that I didn't like at all, but I had a computer that for some reason wouldn't take SuSE, so I tried Ubuntu on it and it installed with no problem. Since then, I've really started to like it. It's actually now on one of my laptops and also a desktop. Very sweet distro.
  10. spartan777

    spartan777 New Member

    i love ubuntu. i'm several months new to linux, so i can't really effectively use the terminal or do under-the-hood sort of things, but ubuntu is really working out well. my main os is still windows (sadly, but its for the gaming), and i've tried many other linux distros, including linspire, debian, and fedora core, as well as messed around with knoppix.

    i plan on setting up my own internet site using ubuntu on an old p III server. the only things ubuntu gives me trouble is getting matrox drivers, (though they aren't necessary) and running ubuntu livecd on a mac (just a side experiment).

    with dapper drake coming out soon, ubuntu will be even cooler, with the compiz and xgl stuff.
  11. rayit

    rayit Member

    kubuntu and automatix

    I use kubuntu and automatix :)

  12. danf.1979

    danf.1979 Member

    Automatix is cool. Sudo is not!

    If you dont want to keep using sudo, and use "su" instead, do this:

    sudo passwd root
    Then you are asked for the super user password, and then two times for a new root password. In ubuntu default installation root has no password set.

  13. sbovisjb1

    sbovisjb1 Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I might have rocks thrown at me for saying this...

    I see that you have jumped on the ubuntu craze that is sweeping the linux world... no offense but Ubuntu is for people who want a Windows type linux with out the screw ups... I recommend that you spend a weekend installing gentoo (from stage 3... no optimizations here :p) From all this hardcore and technical problems you wont be afraid to edit and change root directories and such. The reason that i suggest this is that it basically forces you to learn bash shell programming allong with the unix shell structure... if you go from that to another OS you will be able to do (and understand the concepts) of almost anything at all.
  14. danf.1979

    danf.1979 Member

    Well, that's not actually right. Ubuntu is just another flavor of Linux, as Linux as any other distro out there. The fact that ubuntu comes with a pretty desktop does not make it Windows. But yes, it's fairly easy to setup for newbies. But then, does this mean you can configure it to be a server just that easy? Ubuntu is debian derivative... I dont know why people are bothered by the fact the works out of the box.
    And for the gentoo comment... Yup, installing gentoo is a really good experience, but practical? I dont think so. Now they implemented a graphical installer. Nice move if you ask me.
  15. sbovisjb1

    sbovisjb1 Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Yes i tried Ubuntu out of the box... and it didnt work. Thought since then ive learned alot....
  16. garenasix

    garenasix New Member

    hiya all im new to the forum here ... as for ubuntu iv been using it since it first came out with 4.10 , 5.04 and now with 5.10 and love it, befor that i had knoppix installed on my michines knoppix is very nice but not for an install its a gr8 run from CD distro tho befor that suse and fedora core 3, victor, penut, slax, puppy, onebase, there all good too but sofar im liking ubuntu alot its on all my michines and duelboots with windoze something i hardly use now il just boot in to that to keep it updated other then that its useless to me :) .... so if ya aint tryed unbuntu yet its worth the download or the wate for it to come to you in snialmail
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  17. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    Ubuntu was the first distro that did support the wifi card on my notebook right after installtion. Nothing else was needed (except switching standard from nic to wifi).
  18. geek.de.nz

    geek.de.nz New Member

    Yes Ubuntu is the way to go.
    It's easy and you can do all the technical stuff as well.
    I got my own compiled kernel running with suspend2 (hibernate) and it runs all sweet.

    Gentoo is a good experience to install, I must agree, but basically a waste of time for desktop use and further because you always have to compile each and every program you install. Just because it compiles doesn't mean that you can feel that you're particularly skilled. The emerge install process makes it almost as easy as apt-get, but with apt-get you get pre-compiled packages, which takes less time, to download because they are smaller and because they don't have to be compiled. Sure, they might run a few microseconds faster here and there if you optimised everything right, but you wont make up for the hours of compilation you spend with installing all your favorite apps, because if a program runs slow it's mainly because of bad programming, which cannot be solved by just compiling yourself.

    With Ubuntu, you have the joice of installing (easily) with apt-get, installing .deb packages which is also pretty easy and compiling your own, which is also not very hard. So, if you seriously find a bad implementation, you can still fix it yourself.

    If I'm wrong tell me ;-).
  19. GESolar

    GESolar New Member

    Ubuntu 10.10 is currently in its third alpha release, with the final version expected on October 10. Current home and business users of older versions of Ubuntu will have to decide if the benefits make it worth upgrading the free software.[​IMG]
  20. Bumbly

    Bumbly New Member

    I've tried a lot of distros, Ubuntu is definitely my favorite... I'm no Linux expert, but was able to get it working out of the box. It includes most drivers as well which is a huge plus when dealing with Linux.

    Bumbly Jim
    Calgary Web Design

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