Unable to add additional web servers via client template

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Richard Foley, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Richard Foley

    Richard Foley Member

    I understand that as admin I can specify which Client_Template->Webserver, or webservers, may be used by a particular client/reseller, via the Client Template. However, I only have the one single host available to use there. This is the main default host. Is there a process whereby I can use an existing webserver and add this/these at that position? The same applies to Client_Template->Mailserver and Client_Template->Databaseserver, etc. etc.

    After further reading, it looks like I need to go into expert mode and to create a (non-mirrored) slave webserver to get an extra webserver entry for client/resellers. Do I really need to upgrade my system to Multi-server to achieve this? This seems like overkill for what could be simply mapping the domain name to a popup menu.

    I hope I've explained this clearly now. Feedback very much appreciated.

    ps. This is related to https://www.howtoforge.com/communit...main-host-server-should-not-be-visible.82612/
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  2. Jesse Norell

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    What I think you want is not supported. The server selected determines where a website, email, etc. gets created; if you only have one server, it makes sense that there is only one option. You simply want to see a different name displayed for that one server, depending on who is logged in? I can see why you might want that from a branding aspect, but it is not supported. As you want the reseller's server name to show, one solution would be to setup multiple servers, with a dedicated server for each reseller, and make that the only server available to that reseller's clients.
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  3. Richard Foley

    Richard Foley Member

    hi Jesse,

    ok, so I think I *do* definitely need to set up a multi-server. Good to know!
    I think my process needs to be:

    1. install.php -> expert mode -> add slave server_1 (with ALL services for reseller_1)
    2. install.php -> expert mode -> add slave server_2 (with ALL services for reseller_2)
    3. etc.

    With regard to existing accounts/web/mail/etc, as I don't see much in the way of official documentation on multi-server migration setup/s. Is it possible to migrate them from the current-single-server-will-be-master-server to the will-be-slave-server-n, in due course, or do I need to pull everything out first and then rebuild them on the slaves?

    Finally, if I understand this correctly that a slave cannot run on the master box, each slave_server_n (for each reseller), will need it's own dedicated public IP address and completely independent OS install too?

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  4. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell Well-Known Member Staff Member Howtoforge Staff

    Someone (@till ?) can confirm, but I believe there is a tool that is part of the migration toolkit which can move a domain between servers in a multi-server install.

    Assuming that is correct, what I would consider is to keep your current server as your long-term ISPConfig interface/control panel server, so it will be the master server in a multi-server setup, with a slave server for each reseller like your process shows (yes, you add a new slave server in expert mode, with all services for that reseller). Once you have the first slave server online, and probably a template setup for that reseller with the correct server available, use the aforementioned tool to copy all client data (websites, databases, email, ...) belonging to that reseller from your first/master server to the new slave. Then setup your second slave and repeat for the next reseller. In the end, you will have no client data left on the original server, just use it for the control panel (there are security benefits from delegating all client ssh/ftp/web/db/mail services to slave servers, and keep the master ISPConfig server to only serve the control panel ui).

    I have never used that tool, though, so may well have wrong expectations - anyone please correct me if so.

    That is correct that each reseller slave server will run an independent OS install, and have a dedicated IP address. On your first "slave cannot run on the master box" I'm not sure what you mean; the master server can run client services (eg. host websites and mail) if you chose to use it that way. As I mentioned above, there are security benefits to not doing that, though there may be cost benefits to doing so, so you'd need to decide for yourself what's best. Eg. the 3.1.13 release fixed a security vulnerability that I personally didn't have to worry about, because clients did not have access to upload files to our control panel server. (Of course I updated anyways, but without urgency.)
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  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    We are working on such a ISPConfig plugin, it's not part of the current Migration toolkit yet but will be available in future.
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  6. Richard Foley

    Richard Foley Member

    Jesse, your explanation is really helpful for my next steps, many thanks!

    and Till, thanks too for clarifying regarding the migration tool plugin to come. I'll proceed without it, but am sure it will be useful when it goes live.


  7. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell Well-Known Member Staff Member Howtoforge Staff

    there is the migration tool that you could use if you setup an entire new multi server install separate from your current panel

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