Unable to establish tls/ssl connection to database

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Doc on the rocks, Jun 30, 2022.

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    Hi, don't know if this will be considered a bug or a feature request, i'm more an administrator so in my opinion this's the place.
    Today lot of managed databases (DBaaS) require an ssl/tls connection, sometimes just with a single certificate (one way tls) and sometimes both key and cert are required. If a my.cnf configuration is found, it's common for clients to read the [client] section and set-up the encryption.
    With any mysql clients i can normally connect with ssl encryption to aws managed db, linode managed db, mariadb skysql db.
    So i guessed that's not implemented, and i did play with some mysqli_ssl_set() and mysqli_options() settings in the installer, but there is no way i can make it work. I guess i'm not an expert php programmer... :p.
    I am not asking to resolve the bug (or implement the feature), but i think that if there's a certificate requirement, settings shoud be requested. If no db encryption connections are supported, nowadays a lot of use-cases can't be satisfied.
    By the way, thank you guys for this great piece of software!

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