unable to load mod_clamav.c

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    the workaround is to add at /etc/proftpd/modules.conf
    somewehere at the end of the file, but before the last line:

    # Load Module Clamav
    LoadModule mod_clamav.c

    save the file, and restart proftpd

    in order to check if module clamav has been loaded:
    hit proftpd -vv in a terminal and press enter

    download eicar virus from

    and upload it to the server
    that should fail, with the message:
    STOR eicar.com
    150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for eicar.com
    550-Virus Detected and Removed: Eicar-Test-Signature FOUND
    550 eicar.com: Action not allowed
    Error: Filetransfer Failed

    virtually no howto is reporting this workaround.
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