Uncaught exception 'IspcfgUnknownServerException' with message 'No server found with IP x.x.x.x

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    Hi, I have a problem recovering a site on new server, which one have an assistant to deploy sites on own ispconfig at the same server, this have worked before on dead server (I think similar version different patch) and I have no idea why is now not working appears that the server does not return proper answer to fetchServerId request.
    The remote user have all permissions on ispconfig.

    Here is the error:
    Fatal error
    : Uncaught exception 'IspcfgUnknownServerException' with message 'No server found with IP x.x.x.x' in /sitepath/asistente/includes/ISPConfig.class.php:216 Stack trace:
    #0 /sitepath/asistente/includes/ISPConfig.class.php(59): ISPConfigClient->fetchServerId('x.x.x.x')
    #1 /sitepath/asistente/includes/ispconfig.inc.php(53): ISPConfigClient->login('user', 'password')
    #2 /sitepath/asistente/config_parametros.php(268): include_once('/var/www/client...')
    #3 {main} thrown in/sitepath/asistente/includes/ISPConfig.class.php on line 216
    The called function from the class is:

    protected function fetchServerId($ip) {
    if (empty($ip))
    throw new IspcfgException('Unable to determine IP for host '.$ip);
    try {
    $server_id = $this->soapClient->server_get_serverid_by_ip($this->session_id, $ip);
    if (is_array($server_id))
    $server_id = array_pop($server_id);
    if ($server_id === false || !isset($server_id['server_id']))
    throw new IspcfgUnknownServerException('No server found with IP '.$ip);
    $server_id = $server_id['server_id'];
    } catch (SoapFault $e) {
    throw new IspcfgException($e->getMessage(), 500);
    return $server_id;
    I think the problem comes from server_get_serverid_by_ip wich does not return if
    The program is running in a site at the own accessed ispconfig.
    ispconfig version

    Thank you in advance


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