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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by randell6564, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. randell6564

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    This might be a REALLY stupid question, (I'm still pretty new to linux)

    How Do I Go About UNinstalling a program that is not listed in 'Synaptic Package Manager?'

    I am Using 'Ubuntu Dapper'

    For example: LimeWire. It does not show up in synaptic.

  2. TheRudy

    TheRudy Member

    apt-get remove package_name..

    Did you compile it on your own or what?
  3. davekeogh

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    Well to be hoest what you can do for manual deletion is run limewire. Check its PID, then do a lsof on that PID. That'll show you everything that Limewire has open. Then you can simple delete anything thats not needed.
    Sorry a few too many years of linux make me just want to type in a one liner, but its better you understand what you're doing, trust me!

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