Update on Multi-Server (Running Smooth). Just Need Advice.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by OpenSources, Aug 6, 2017.

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    What's up ISPs!
    I have been running a quantum multinode dedicated baremetal stack. ISPC3 has proven to truly allow me to serve my customers and take full control of how I am hosting and networking with the panel.

    The "bump" that I have hit is really just a question or thought, but as an ISP I believe I must be continually ahead of malfunctions, mishaps and breaches. The issues I have are:

    Would Virutalization be a degrade in performance in consideration to redundancy tactics, such as a mirrored stripe?
    Would a Beowulf HA baremetal be able to handle a failure of hardware? and would that be the use of the heartbeat or floating IP?

    Basically, I am looking for your opinion on the kind of setup your would create if you had the following:

    5 Statics
    5 Baremetal Racks 4 TB Enterprise HDD w/Dual Nic | Dual socket 24GB RAM

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