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Discussion in 'General' started by pecka33, Sep 14, 2021.

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    why not just
    apt install phpmyadmin
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    I had a problem with that. I reverted to using the Perfect Tutorial method substituting 5.1.1 download for 4.9.x. Worked first time.
  5. seb6272

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    almost same question here :
    I have used www.howtoforge.com/ispconfig-autoinstall-debian-ubuntu/ (automated ISPConfig3 Installation) on my debian 10 server.
    The script interrnally uses phpMyadmin- for phpmyadmin installation.
    Is there a reason for this particular version ?

    My server is now in production, can I upgrade to the latest version of phpMyadmin (5.1.1) using this : docs.phpmyadmin.net/fr/latest/setup.html#upgrading-from-an-older-version ?

    Thanks !
  6. ahrasis

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    The information in the guide is outdated. phpmyadmin is back in the official debian repos.
    If you do the manual install method you have to keep track of updates yourself (and they come often and regularly are security related). ISPC will not do that for you.
    I suggest to use the apt method as Florian said. Bullseye version currently is 5.0.4+dfsg2-2 but you can also install the newest version (if you need it?) from testing. Or you wait a bit longer: Devs are working on bringing 5.1.1. to bullseye-backports: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/phpmyadmin
    Another alternative is to use the developers ubuntu PPA: https://launchpad.net/~phpmyadmin/+archive/ubuntu/ppa This has the newest developments (currently 5.2), but is not recommended for production use.
  8. ahrasis

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    I don't think the PMA repo is quite up-to-date or its PPA is well maintained or that has the latest stable version (as it's 4.5 in the PPA from where I checked just now).

    Basically you can use script to auto uodate PMA that you manually installed per the guide I mentioned and simple search (of automatic update phpmyadmin) will lead you to it.

    Again it's up to you to choose which ever method that you prefer.
  9. Steini86

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    Were you distracted by the 4: in front of the version number?

    Versions at https://packages.debian.org/de/phpmyadmin
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    Only Ubuntu has PPA and unless I am blind, your link to it shows PMA 4.5. :cool:
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    The "4:" does not belong to the version number. The versions are 5.1.1 for focal and bionic

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