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    have been searching all over for this but cant seem to find the answer.

    Im am about to run a upgrade from Version: 2.2.13 to the latest version.
    Im quite conserned about this action cause i have several web sites running on my system now.

    What files do i need to back up incase of disaster ? I can emagine i need the apache folder and some ispconfig config files.

    Is there a way to make a complete backup of your ispconfig including all user specific settings emails users etc etc.

    Hope you can help me
  2. till

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    and the ISPConfig mysql database.

    This are the directories that are possibly affected by an update. If you want to do a full backup of your server, you should backup all mysql databases and also the directory /var/www (or any other directory that is the web root in ispconfig on your server).

    I recommend that you wait a few days with your update as ISPConfig 2.2.10 will be released these days and it contains a patch against clamav compilation problems on some older linux distributions which may cause troble during update.
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    Till, you surely was talking about ISPConfig 2.2.20 an not ISPConfig 2.2.10

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