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    You don't necessarily need to manually edit the files to implement the new reverse proxy feature.
    It should be enough to use the patch command to apply this merge request to your local ISPConfig installation.
    However, if the merge request should not be directly mergable/applicable to your local ISPConfig installation then it could happen that you'll very likely have to adjust some of the code by hand.

    You should think about it first, if you really want to implement this feature though.
    It's not fully tested and it actual awaits an official review. Only I - as it seems so far - have tested this MR and it's imho not ready to use for the general audience yet. If you know how to fix things in ISPConfig by yourself and if you don't have a critical production system where you could test this MR then feel free to give it a try.

    I think feedback is generally welcome, especially for the person who developed the feature, but also for the ISPConfig devs.
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    The ispconfig_patch command doesn't support applying diffs/patches from Gitlab.
    It was created for patches, like hotfixes and not for merge requests that were distributed separately in the past. I'm not sure if it is still used.

    If you want to download the patch, then download it straight from gitlab via wget or curl (or any other way) and apply it with patch.
    I suggest that you read the man page for "patch", but as I already mentioned in my first post. If you don't have experience in fixing problems in ISPConfig or Linux in general then I would suggest to not try to apply the patch. The only exception would be if the system you are trying this out is a test system and it doesn't bother you if you have to reinstall or restore your ISPConfig if things should go wrong.
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