Upgrade 3.1.14p1 to 3.1.15p2 Delete obsolete file

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fatmike, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. fatmike

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    Im upgrading from 3.1.14p1 to the latest version of ISPConfig via ispconfig_update.sh command.

    I'm getting this:
    I'm planning to keep amavis for now.
    What should I choose?

    Additionally is there a tutorial/instructions on how to switch to rspamd if needed?

    Best regards
  2. Steini86

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    If you have not modified the templates (of mails sent to your customers) then you can just delete the file (press enter or type "y") That also applies if you have no clue what this is about, then you don't care and you can remove the file.

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  3. florian030

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    The files in interface/web/X/templates are not used for sending mails. These are just the html-files for the interface.
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