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    I have a dedicated server using Centos 7.3 set up with Perfect Server for Centos 7.3 and using ispconfig 3. I installed roundcubemail as the How-To specifies and it works well. However, the RoundCubeMail version that is installed by yum is 1.1.9. As soon as I added a few sites, hackers found the installation and a way to use RoundCubemail to send spam. Bad news.

    Is there any way to upgrade the roundcubemail using yum? The latest version is 1.3.0 and there are security fixes.


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    After deeper investigation, it seems that one of the server's email client's login and password was sniffed out on his local computer. I am not sure that the spammer was using the roundcubemail installation although the spam was sent through

    I will close this and look at other options for upgrading roundcubemail should that become necessary. Thanks!


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