Upgrading kernel: how to keep old kernel customizations?

Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by kaza, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. kaza

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    At some point in the past I recompiled my kernel to enable HPFS support
    (I have OS/2 on another disk). Few days ago, I used the software update app.
    to upgrame my kernel. The upgrade was smooth but after booting it I noticed
    that I no longer see the HPFS disks, so to access them I have to boot the
    old kernel with HPFS support turned "ON".

    Is there any way to carry all my kernel custimizations from the old
    kernel to the process compiling the new kernel? Preferable
    in an automatic way (some script called before the software update
    performs the new kernel compilations)?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. falko

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  3. kaza

    kaza New Member

    Thanks for the reply, falco.

    The link deals with the case of manual kernel compilation steps.
    My initial question was about the case that the "Software Update"
    app. detects a new kernel version, I select it to be updated (alone
    or among other SW) and the "Software Update" does all the task
    of compiling a new kernel (I guess it's compiling, not downloading, right?) and
    adding a new entry in the /etc/grub.conf automatically. What I would like to
    know is where the "Software Update" app takes the kernel configurations
    from when it automatically creates a new kernel so I'll place my own configuration
    file instead of the one "Software Updates" uses?

  4. falko

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    "Software Update" downloads finished kernel packages, so there's no compilation done on your system.
  5. kaza

    kaza New Member

    Thanks, falco.

    That explains it.

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