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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by m u r, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. m u r

    m u r Member

    I set up users but I can't log in as a user. I can't log in at or

    I'm also having a hard time getting DNS to work. I registered the domain, but when I try to use as the nameserver it says it doesn't exist.

    I set this up behind a firewall, but I think all of the ports that need to be are open. I'm not sure where to go from here. Can anyone help me . . . please?
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    There's a difference between users that can login to the ISPConfig system and system users. Please compare and
    System users have a prefix like web1_ and cannot login to ISPConfig, but they can use email and FTP. ISPConfig users can use ISPConfig, but htey are no system users and cannot use email and FTP.

    Does exist? Can you describe more precisely what you did?
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

  4. m u r

    m u r Member


    I set up the user "info" for, and it added the web2_ prefix or whatever, but it doesn't work for email. The only email account that works is for a user that I set up on the machine during the initial install of debian sarge. I did check the box for "mailuser," but when I try to login at as one of the users, and I don't include the web2_ prefix or when I enter the complete email ([email protected]), it says, "Error: Unknown User." If I include the prefix (web2_info) it says, "Error: Password error: Maildir: No such file or directory." Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

    Right now, the domain (The site I want to run on this box) is directed towards and I would like to redirect it to and, but I don't know how to set those up. I installed the dns server, but I'm not sure how to set up the name servers.
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  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    web2_info is the correct user name. The problem is that this user's mailbox doesn't exist yet. It is created when the forst mail for that user arrives. You can send a test mail to that user, and afterwards you should be able to log in.

    You can create and, but they have to be created in the dns servers and (contact the company where you registered to set this up for you). and can point to 2 different ISPConfig machines, and then you can use the 2 ISPConfig machines a dns server for newly registered domains. When you register a domain you tell that and are the dns servers for the new domain. Just before you register the domain you create a master DNS record for the new domain on your first name server ( and a slave DNS record on your second DNS server (
  6. m u r

    m u r Member


    I think I understand the DNS part . . . haven't set it up yet, but I'm working on it.

    I still can't get the mailuser thing to work. I set up the email "[email protected]," which added the prefix "web2_" to it. So, the username is now "web2_info." I gave it administrator and shell access priviledges and I made sure "mailuser" was selected on the site. I sent a test email to "[email protected]" and "[email protected]," but I still can't login to I still get this error, "Error: Password error: Maildir: No such file or directory." Does it take some time to configure?
  7. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    So you're using Maildir. Did you check Maildir under Management -> Server -> Settings -> Email?
    Activate Maildir, send an email again, and try to login.
  8. m u r

    m u r Member

    It worked! Well, sort of. When I try to login at, it says, "You cannot login with the username and password entered." Where can I check my email?

    Also, when I set this up in a mail client, what do I use as the username and the popserver? I really appreciate the help. sorry for all the questions.
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  9. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This is the controlpanel login for mailusers to change their passwords, set autoresponders etc.
    What you are looking for is a webmail program. Install e.g. the uebimiau package for ISPConfig.

    Normally you check your mail with an email client like Thunderbird, Kmail, Outlook, Outlook express,.... When you are not at home, e.g. in an internet cafe, you can use a wemail program like uebimiau.

    The username is in the form: webX_yourname
    The popserver is the domain or IP of your server or in most cases the domain for which you setup the email address.
  10. m u r

    m u r Member

    Webmail is installed, but the only login that works is an original user I set up when I installed debian ([email protected]). "[email protected]" gives me the following error, " You cannot login with the username and password entered." Also, when I log in as "[email protected]" and send an email it says, "SMTP Error: Recipient not accepted. Verify your relay rules."
  11. juampi

    juampi New Member

    I have a same problem. I have install ISPconfig on the Ubuntu Hoary. I check all the configuration include the maildir, but i think that to make a virtual mailbox base in /etc/postfix/, Is it correct?

  12. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    No, ISPConfig does not use virtual mailboxes. The Maildirs are located in the Home directory of the user.

    When you have problems with your email, please first take a look in the mail logs and post the error messages from the logfile with an exact description of the problem to the forum.

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