Using AWS for incoming mail (Feature Request)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by AxelssonDesign, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    I've been using AWS for outgoing mail and that is working well.
    Now I'm wondering if I can use AWS incoming mail for spam and virus scanning and then forward the post to ispConfig mail server for IMAP, POP and webmail.
    When I was using ispConfig for spam and virus unpredictable load could stop the server.
  2. till

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    It does not matter which server hoster you use for your ISPconfig installation, the hoster just has to support Linux (Debian, CentOS or Ubuntu) and Amazon supports them all, so you can simply install ISPConfig there. There is no feature to be requested, just install it as you would do on any other Linux server. But Amazon has their limitations when it comes to mail servers and it's price is several times higher that an equal server with the same performance, so I personally won't use their service.

    Then your server was probably not configured correctly or it was simply too small. I've never seen a properly configured server to stop, no matter if you host a few mailboxes or many thousands, it's all a matter of configuring the number of scanning processes to match the capabilities of the hardware you use. First, ISPConfig is not doing any virus or spam scans. Virus scans are done by ClamAV and Spam scans are done by Spamasssain and both services are integrated into amavisd. By default, a server runs 2 amavisd processes which means that max. 2 emails get scanned at the same time, if your server is not able to handle that (which means it must be really slow or has not enough RAM, then you can decrease it to 1 process. If your server has some more traffic and more ram, then you would increase it to more processes so emails get processed faster
  3. Thanks for your answer @till
    I don't use AWS EC2 for my linux but I like using them for my SMTP. I use Vultr for my linux VC.
    True I'm using one linux VC for my web and mail. For web the VC is to big but for mail too small (had constant problems for me). I was wondering if I can solve the spam/virus at AWS my and get the mails whitout the "load risk"

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